Questions about Hudson

  1. Hey guys,

    I was thinking of getting the hudson and the only problem is that I was thinking that the buckled flap would get really annoying to constantly open and close. Could anyone with this LV tell me what they think?
  2. Oh and another thing, can it be used as an evening bag (i.e. for going to dinner).
  3. I love that bag. It does come in 2 sizes. I like the smaller one better. I have the manhattan gm and the flap isn't annoying. It may be a little too bulky for a "evening" bag, but great for everyday!
  4. i had it and loved it -- the buckle doesn't get annoying at all. the pm is the best imho!! good luck!!
  5. Ohh the Hudson is pretty! I want one! That's one bag I never really hear about on here. That's the first time I have seen it mentioned.

    I say go for it!
  6. I love it in both sizes!! It's up to you...they're both pretty!
  7. Thank you all very much. I think I'll go for it.