Questions about how to sell Coach bags...

  1. Hey all! I'm a newbie here, so if I do anything wrong in this post I am sorry!

    I did a google search trying to see if there was a way I could locate old Coach bags as I have two I think I'm going to part with. I don't know that much about Coach like bag names and so on.

    So I found this forum where someone had kind of posted the same question. Yay!

    Anyways, I believe it's the "drilldown" referenced in a post here where you can locate previous Coach bags. But that's just for pictures, right?

    I had been trying to see if there was a site that showed the original price a bag used to sell for. I do still have my credit card statements from when I purchased the bags but no receipts and no tags. (These are authentic bags purchased at Macy*s.) I also still have the dust covers (I think they're called?).

    How should one go about pricing bags? I've seen my bags on eBay and other sites, so I guess I have an idea? I'm aware I won't get near what I originally paid, nonetheless if I'm actually selling them I want the highest amount possible.

    They were both purchased in 2006.

    Any advice you can give would be great!

    Thanks a bunch! :heart:

  2. As far as price goes, do a completed item search on eBay for the same item and that should give you some idea. Honestly, I usually start my auctions at $9.99. If you list them well, it will attract more attention and watchers if the price starts low. Most people don't bid till the end anyway! I am always amazed by how much my used Coach bags bring! I have never been disappointed in a high bid on a Coach.
  3. I have to agree, starting low brings the prices way higher than starting with what you want to get for the bags, in my experience. Good luck!