Questions about hardware and a couple of other ?

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  1. 1. What metal is used for JC hardware?
    2. Does it tarnish and or lose it's color?
    3. What conditioner do you use if any?
    4. Does JC do repairs on bags?
    5. Is there a source in one place like LV, MJ, Gucci experts on eBay or anywhere?
    A place that has a number of bag pics fake vs. real etc.

    Thanks for your help. It's just embarrassing to keep asking about things that I can't seem to find the answers to and I really need to learn before I buy.

    This is me on my learning voyage:wtf:(stunned)
  2. There is an thread for authenticity under Jimmy Choo in TPF. Also you can compare pictures from the Jimmy Choo Website to a picture of what you want to purchase. As far as the metal depends on what style you get. Some times it is gun metal...or antique brass...or bright gold-tone hardware.

    The other gals on this website should be able to help you with your other questions. Jburgh or robynbenz might be able to answer the rest of your questions.

    I hope this help some.
  3. Varied_obsessions:

  4. Thank you both and J you ROCK the house girl!!Thanks so much!!
  5. I just want to say GOODLUCK Varied_obsessions! You're in good company and everyone here will be more than glad to help out. You will learn a lot. Hats off to Jburgh - as always!!:welcome: She's the first one who took my hand. :blush:
  6. ^I agree! Jburgh always seems to go above and beyond when answering questions. She doesn't just give a generic this will suffice response, but she gives detailed facts that we all appreciate! :tup:

    So, in case anyone hasn't told you in the last 24're pretty awesome Jburgh! :smooch:(<-- that means I like you like you!) ;)

  7. Group Hug!!!! :woohoo::choochoo:haha! Here's another one jburgh!! :smooch: And just for the record - I like you too Stinker!!:love:
  8. Hey Abi...I thought we weren't going public with that yet! :shame:
  9. Sorry - can't help it. :blush:
  10. Thank you girls! Isn't this forum great! We talk bags, but have a lot of fun, too.
  11. I want to join in on the group hugs and kisses!!:love::wlae:
    I understand how hard it is to give specifics when you KNOW that the :cursing:"Fakemasters":cursing: are reading and learning as well. It's scary though when you really need to learn and folks are so paranoid to give you answers that they really can't/don't help.:crybaby:

    I TRULY appreciate that you gilrs have opened your hearts and knowlegde to me, a newbie to this board and this brand.:heart:
    Many many thanks and I can't wait to contribute my knowledge on this brand. :woohoo: