Questions about Gucci Britt Medium Hobo

  1. I think it just has a magnetic snap closure. Not sure how long the strap is.
  2. Oh i just purchased this! the strap is long enough for cross body and people do carry it that way. Emald you're right, it's a magnetic snap closure.

    1st 2 pics is the purse i bought and then the rest of the pics are of my S-I-L wearing hers in the platinum, during our vacay in mexico in August. I think it's super cute!!
    IMG_1905.jpg IMG_1906.jpg britt.jpg britt1.jpg britt3.jpg
  3. ooh..i've been looking at this too, have yet to try it on IRL...
    would you think that you could fit a small laptop and some files in there? (and do you think the bag would be able to withstand the weight?) -- I'm looking for a new work bag...and i think this bag is gorgeous!!
  4. Hi Moi, i would go on the gucci site and see what the measurements are on the bag and then measure your laptop to see it would fit. As far as width is concerned, it's a very slim bag but it opens up nicely to fit things in. And since your files are slim as well, i think it would be good. Now as far as weight is concerned, the bag is very light but durable. The leather is thick and lining helps out with the weight as well.
  5. Thanks gucci lover! I think this means a trip to the gucci boutique for sure! I love the black one you have above...and glad to hear it's light and durable...
  6. I bought this bag in brown about a year ago and absolutely love it, in fact, it's the bag I've been carrying all week. Great hands free bag, light, yet can hold a lot. Great for shopping.