Questions about first Chanel

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  1. Hi, I am new to the board and am interested in getting my first Chanel. I have done research reading up on the boards and know that a lot of you prefer the silver hardware on your bags. Is it old fashioned of me to get my first flap bag with the gold hardware? It's just that when I've imagined myself with a Chanel, I always imagined a black bag with the gold chain strap. Never even knew about the silver until I got here. What do you all think? I am mid 30s with kids if that makes any difference.
  2. a lot of members prefer gold.
    I personally prefer silver because my jewelry is white gold and platinum.
    Gold isn't old fashioned.
  3. i purchase my first chanel a medium 2.55 classic in black caviar with gold chain. i was about 22 then, now 25. still loves it. in fact i'm hoping to get a jumbo in the same color combo.

    definitely not ld at all. it depends on personal preference as well.
  4. Hi and welcome. I think both are good. I love the silver hardwear but I also wouldnt mind a gold one either. Both are classic. try both on and see what works with your style.
  5. i just got my 1st chanel (a black GST) and i chose the gold hardware. i don't think it's old fashioned, i am in my mid 20's. even though most of my jewelry is white gold, i still got the gold hardware
  6. I have 2 reissues ( one navy patent and one is a black reissue) with gold hardware and 2 GSTs with gold hardware...I think gold is beautiful on certain bags and others I like silver on. It is all subjective...and if you dream of Chanel with gold hardware by all means get it that way.:tup:
  7. I am 25 and I LOOOOOVE the gold hardware. I in fact do not like the silver hardware and have even passed up some great looking bags, like the expandable tote, because it only came in silver hardware. Almost all of my jewelry is gold and I love how the gold gives it that real classic vintage look. Go with gold!!! It's soooo lovely :smile:
  8. Thanks for all the replies. It's good to see others out there also get the gold. I did see someone with a white flap that had silver hardware and it looked beautiful. If I ever had the chance to get a white Chanel, I would get it with the silver hardware. I'm glad to see that gold is still in style.
  9. My first Chanel was a black caviar medium/large flap with gold h/w. Love it! I think it's a very classic look. Definitely go with gold if that's your preference :tup: