Questions about finding the Zucca bag or Foresta print. :)

  1. I’ve been bitten by the Tokidoki bug! :nuts: I bought my first Tokidoki bag this week. It is an Adios Star Buon Viaggio and already want my next! I’ve carried this bag for only 2 days and love it! Although it is kind of big, which is unusual for me to say because I am usually all about big hand bags. This will make a perfect travel bag.

    Anyway I really love the style of the Zucca and was just wondering if anyone has spotted a Zucca bag lately at a Macys/Nordstrom in any print except for the Adios Star?

    I also really love the Foresta print and was wondering if it is available still in stores? If so has anyone seen a Forest print bag lately? I will take any bag in this print, but a Foresta Zucca would be like a dream! :love: Of course there is always eBay but for now I am trying my best to stay away from there.

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. Congrats on your purchase Kristen and welcome to the tokidoki addiction!! I'm not sure where you live but the only place I've seen the zucca is in MetroPark and they had it in adios star and pirata and that's it. Pulse also has both prints and they're running a sale w/15% off right now and free shipping but only those same prints there as well.

    As for Foresta it's pretty much out of the stores're lucky if you stumble upon one at Macy's but I haven't seen any at Nordies in quite some time.
    Good luck on your hunt!!
  3. congrats on your purchase! i'm newly addicted to tokidoki too hehe.. anyway i dont know if this is an option for you but i've seen a couple of foresta zuccas on eBay!
  4. I live in Orange County, CA and have checked all the Macys around me and none have the zucca style in stock. I was hoping someone recently saw a zucca at a Macys/Nordies that I would call and order from.

    I have a Metropark nearby which I will check, maybe tonight on my way home from work! Hehe. Like I really need to have 3 bags in one week! 2 bags in a week (Balenciaga + adios star BV) is bad enough but I love these bags! And I need a zucca. I’d be happy to get a pirata zucca, because I love that print too.

    I guess I will have to resort to eBay to fulfill my foresta bag owning fantasy.

    This might get baaaaaaad!

    I saw a paradiso BV at a Macys that was a return. Is that print pretty hard to find in stores now too? It was a return but was in new condition.
  5. The Lesportsac outlet stores have that print in stock now. I don't know which style you want but the Seattle store has quite a few in that print.
  6. Yeah, you should definitely check out MetroPark they had some good zuccas up here last time I was there. That's where I got my adios star zucca from. If you order a pirata zucca from pulse you'll get 15% off and free shipping and no comes out to like $156, that's a great price for the zucca. Esp. since you already bought 2 bags this week!! You should check them out Junior Drake,Miss Me Jeans,Melie Bianco,Kenzie Handbags,Betsey Johnson Handbags,Candy Wrapper purse,Celebrity Inspired Handbags,Celebrity Styles,Yag Clothing,Voom,Dogeared Jewelry,Yochi,Rapz at Pulse,,The Beat of Fashion but you have to call them to order it but they help you pick out the one you want. They're great.

    I think you might have to resort to the evil ebay for the foresta zucca...:shrugs:

    The paradiso bags are on like mega sale at macy's right now so they're kinda out of the stores b/c everyone bought them. They do have some of the paradiso bags at the outlet stores. You might be able to get a paradiso zucca if you're interested at one of the outlet stores you can get their info here LeSportsac Store Locations make sure to call a factory store not a boutique b/c the boutiques only carry the current season's styles!!

    Good luck...let us know what you find!! :love: