questions about ergo leather transfer etc.

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  1. So before i make my long trip to the outlet tomorow to pick up my new large Ergo tote in Camel I have a few questions. will it spot ? Are there any color transfer issues from jeans etc ? Also if it is considerably scratched, will they discount it for me ? Is the Camel a lighter yellow color or more brown. Also what Charms or accessories look the best with this color and style ? Thanks
  2. I have a white ergo and did have a little bit of color transfer from either jeans or a navy t-shirt. It mostly came off with Appleguard (I can see where it was b/c I cleaned it but no one else can see it). I don't know about the camel color, though.
  3. Is the one you are going to get the camel burnished leather or the natural vachetta leather?
  4. Great question, I have no idea. I should ask when I call again tomorrow. I had no idea they made 2 close to the same color but I saw some on ebay, one looked yelowish tan and the other a deeper more brown. Which one do you have ? Thanks !

  5. I have the Vachetta. I have a pic of it...


    The Camel one is lighter and I don't think it scratches as easily. It probably doesn't show water spots either. The one I have does..
  6. This is the one that I am hoping to get ! I have been trying to figure out all day why some pictures of what I thought were the same bag looked like a different color. I will be so happy if this is it !
  7. do you use the front pocket or is it more decorative ?
  8. I don't really use the front pocket on any of my ergos, but you could.. for papers or something.

    The item number of mine is 11011 so you can ask about it when you call. I hope it's the one you want! If not I bought mine off ebay for $129 (but it had a broken turnlock)
  9. Thank you so much ! I will let you know, I am going to call and then go today.
  10. I bought a hobo at the outlet that was dull and slightly scratched. I just used a soft cloth on it and it came back to life a little bit.

    After hearing about the Apple leather products on tpf, I just placed an order at leatherstuff. It was about $12 for cleaner, conditioner, and a cloth. I'm hoping this is what everyone is talking about.

    I'm hoping that this will bring this poor battered bag back to life a little bit more.
  11. Were you able to get extra off for the condition it was in ?
  12. The bag was on clearance already...down from $268 to $111. I don't think I could have gotten anything extra off. with everything in never hurts to ask...
  13. Burnished leather can scuff, and they are more noticeable when turning it just right in the light, vachetta will scratch and absorb not only oils and water, but light and air will cause it to gain it's patina, if you will . . . it's becoming a beautiful antique if you let it.

    I've been spraying my bags with the Apple Rain Garde. there is an aereosole and pump spray available. I sprayed Legacy Vintage Camel leather, suede, vachetta and metallics with no change in color or appearance.
  14. So did ya come home with a new ergo?:nuts:
  15. I just got back !!! It was a long trip, I am going to post in another thread my experience and what they had at that outlet but I got the large burnished leather camel Ergo Tote. I wasn't sure before I saw it IRL because it has been a while since they were in the retail stores but I loved it when I saw it and I think it is going to be perfect for what I want it for. I will take pics tomorrow, I have to dress her up first and the kids are sleeping now from the long trip !