Questions about Epi...

  1. Hi All!

    I'm new to LV and I'm looking at purchasing my first piece. I am loving the Epi Speedy but I'm also contemplating another bag and I don't have the funds to get both right now. I fell in love with the black epi speedy because of the palladium's becoming increasingly harder to find black bags with silver hardware. Anyway, I'm wondering how long you think LV will continuing producing black epi leather with palladium hardware? If I wait until Spring 2008 to purchase the bag will the black/silver combo still be around?

  2. The silvertone hardware is fairly new to the EPI line and it should be around for many, many years! I have the black soufflot with the silver and LOVE it!
    Good Luck deciding on your first LV, the first LV purchase is always so special. Please be sure to let the SA know its your first LV purchase so they make the transaction as special as possible. Go to a Free-standing store too, rather than a Saks or Neiman, just so you can experience the boutique specialty!
  3. Thanks so much! So, black is a staple, right? They don't discontinue that color each season, do they?
  4. I love the epi line. Have fun choosing your bag.
  5. They'll keep the black around. The silver hardware is fairly new and popular, so I think it'll stay around for awhile.
  6. Classic, classic bag. You'll love it!
  7. Great choice , a epi speedy is great,im getting a speedy 25 too......but im not sure of what color....brown or blue not sure
  8. oooh great choice!! you will love the epi speedy!! it is gorgeous!!
  9. That's a great choice! My first LV was a red epi speedy. I love LOVE the epi line. Have getting your new, very special bag.
  10. they do discontinue colours but I don't see black going anywhere and like the others said the silver hardwear is a recent change
  11. Yes, it should be around a while. Black is an essential epi color and the silver hardware is fairly new. Hence you should still see it in the spring.
  12. ti should be around for a while. they seem to be fazing out the gold hardware! thank god.
  13. I think it should be around for a while ... it does look great with the palladium.
  14. Have you looked at the black epi alma? I found it ot be just as beautiful as the speedy, but easier to get in and out of.

    The epi speedy is stiffer than the canvas, making the opening quite narrow.
  15. I'm new to LV too and I'm still undecided on whether to get an Epi Speedy 30 or a Damier Speedy 30.

    A Black Epi is great - it will go with everything! :biggrin: