questions about diamond clarity characteristics

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  1. I just purchased a diamond necklace for my sister from Blue nile.
    She is getting married in May.:yahoo::yahoo: I am so happy for her.
    It is a GIA certificated stone: Ideal cut, F colour, VVS1 clarity Round .52-Carat Diamond
    I have a question about the GIA report, what is exactly clarity characteristics affect the clarity of the stone?

    on the report, it says" characteristics:needle, pinpoint."
    I know about pinpoint, but how bad is needle????
  2. it just means the blemish is an itty bitty teeny tiny pin prick. for vvs1 clarity you would need to be under 10x magnification to be able to see it.. so don't worry you picked out a fantastic diamond.. your sister is so lucky to have you as a sis.. will you be willing to adopt me?? hahaha.
  3. I hope i could, but i only can afford one:P
  4. You picked a high quality diamond!
  5. Is the diamond laser inscibed with the cert #? I would double check that it matches up to the cert you received with your diamond. IF it is inscribed, always a good check point to make. The diamond sounds gorgeous! You definitely have a lucky sister.
  6. Bluenile is reputable and VVS1 is very good :yes:
  7. ^Bluenile is reputable but whether you purchase from a brick/mortar or online, you should always check that your diamond and cert are a match (if diamond is inscribed)......I work in the industry. It's more to protect yourself than any distrust issues.
  8. In a VVS1 it's practically non-existent lol!