Questions about DHL and international shipping

  1. I bought a pair of shoes, and they're coming from Germany to my house (in Florida). They were shipped via DHL registered airmail, and the seller told me it would take between 4-7 days to arrive.

    Does anyone know on average how long it might take for them to arrive, within that 4-7 day time period? The reason I ask is because I need to make sure I'm home to receive the package, since I'm moving out of town on Thursday and won't be here to receive anything after then.

    Also, does DHL leave attempted delivery notices, and do they reattempt the next day? I have 49083 errands to run and I'm having to plan everything around all these packages the bf and I are scheduled to receive within the next few days :lol:

    I don't use international shipping very often, so any help and information is appreciated. Thanks! :cool:
  2. I have no idea, but I'd tag my door w/ a note asking him to please leave them!
  3. You can find out where your package by tracing it through your tracking number. Go to the DHL website and I am sure there is a section that will provide the information you need.
  4. Unfortunately, tracking information wasn't available with the method of shipping (registgered airmail). I hate not having tracking info!

    Swanky - I might have to do that. I'm about to head out, so I could tape a note for both the UPS, FedEx and DHL guys to leave it in the back, on my porch. I don't know what's arriving first! :lol:

    I might also get the number for DHL customer service and call them, to maybe get a rough estimate of transit times for international shipments.