Questions about Dentelle

  1. My SA is transferring a dentelle batignolles in silver for me to buy. I love the look of this bag & really want to add it to my collection. Just have a few questions, though:

    1) Does the lace catch on stuff? Is it sturdy or fragile?
    2) Do you wear your dentelle bag often or just occasionally?
    3) Is the leather water resistant?

    Any other thoughts/experiences about this lovely bag would be greatly appreciated. TIA :smile::heart::smile:
  2. The lace doesn't catch I have the pochette wallet I've used it everyday since release and it looks perfect, I've mostly used it in my speedy 25 and it's about the same size as the opening so if it was going to catch it would have.

    I also have Kirsten I've barely used that one so I don't know about the leather.

    The Dentelle line is beautiful and very misunderstood I think it takes people a while to warm to it but it'll be another vuitton classic
  3. Thanks label addict! Yes, I did a little research and found that the dentelle line has had mixed reviews. But, it really is very pretty IRL. I didn't even know dentelle came in batignolles! Wasn't privy to all the great info on TPF until recently.

    I've been searching for a unique tote and "discovered" it accidentally. I was at an LV shoe event maybe a week or so ago and they had the bag placed under the catering table. As I was sitting down contemplating whether to have another glass of champagne or just h20, I noticed the dentelle batignolles in the dim light -- it was sparkling like crazy!!! I thought to myself, "hmm, isn't that pretty?" and have been thinking of it ever since. Tee hee.
  4. I think it's a very pretty bag, especially the BH. Don't care much for the speedy.
  5. I have the BH in gold. I've carried it numerous times since it came out and I have had absolutely no problems with the lace catching on anything.
  6. I returned my speedy. I like it in the BH. I believe that the leather is treated so it should be ok!