Questions about Denim Baggy PM

  1. I'm thinking about getting one in blue and I was wondering for those of you that own one, or have tried it on, does it hold a decent amount of stuff? How does it compare in capacity to popincourt haut or cabas piano?

    Also, does it match with a lot of different outfits. I've always liked this bag, but just not sure what I would wear it with. My wardrobe is very neutral.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I want one also
  3. I have one and it'll prob. hold a little less than the above items but still a whole bunch. I do really like the bag. The Neo Cabby holds a little more but is also heavier.

    Here's a pic of what the Baggy holds and a pic of the Baggy, Cabby, and Speedy togeher for reference:
    in baggy.JPG trio.JPG
  4. it definitely holds less than PH, I went to the boutique to try on baggy PM and GM and I bought GM, not because I have a lot of stuff though. I just looked better with GM.
  5. It doesn't hold a lot like speedy or BH but it hold fair amount of things and great shoulder bag as it's never fall from my shoudler!!!!

    for me it holds my sunny(rayban one not the big one), LV zippy, my pda phone, small wet wipe pack, mini LV agenda, small tissue pack, lippy, mint ball box, a few small items, name card holder (small but thick) sometime I even put my kid bottle in there as well that'd give you some rough idea
  6. the bag is great... it hold about as much a speedy 25 if that helps.

    here are pic's of my pink and blue.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    baggy pm.jpg
  7. Agree, I like the green gm better the pm. the blue I prefer the look in the pm.. the pink either works.
  8. I have a blue PM: In it I have~
    Mono koala agenda
    Mono make-up pouch
    MAC powder
    Keys (w/ inclusion key ring)
    and I can bring my digital camera.
    cell phone

    It holds everything I need.
  9. I had the bag in Blue and i loved it. it is easy to carry ;) it held what i needed to hold. like a PTI wallet, small cosmetic case, cell phone, keys agenda .