Questions about Damier Papillon

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm considering the damier papillon 30 for my new winter bag but have a concern about the shape. Most of the time I will carry it on my shoulder. Have any of you done this and does it squash your bag and if so, does it regain its shape???? Let me know what yall think about this and if this might not be a good shoulder bag. Thanks. Rebecca
  2. It will squish a little underneath your arm, but the canvas is soft and squishy and will go back to its original shape. The Damier Papillon is definitely my favorite bag for bad weather days!
  3. I guess it will regain, I don't own this bag so I can't confirm.
  4. i have the Damier Papillon 30, and yes, it does squish a little against your side, but it's really not bad, because it goes back to its original shape
  5. when you put it in your shoulder it will squish your bag.. it will go back to the normal shape as well but i had a hard time using my papillon's most especially when you put it in your shoulder.
  6. I have the damier pap 30 it will squish a little if you don't have much in it but it will go back to it's original shape. I tend stuff my bag to capacity so it does'nt squish that much
  7. I carried it at more of an angle on my shoulder, so it didn't get squished under my arm... but if it does, it will go back to its shape.
  8. I have the mono pap 30 and I'm guessing that it would behave the same as the damier. It does squish if i hold it right under my arm and next to my side, but if i kinda hike it back more it doesn't. Its always gone right back to its shape afterwards. The more that you have inside also determines how much "squish" you'll get :smile:
  9. This is my favorite winter bag, let alone my first Damier piece. It does regain it's shape but SAs suggest not to carry it on the shoulder. It's more of handheld bag.
  10. Thanks for the feedback ladies, I love this bag and will probably get it soon.
  11. It would be a great bag for winter days.

  12. this is how i carry mine also. always returns to it's original shape.
  13. :tup:Go for it, I have the papillon 30 and LOVE it! The canvas returns to normal once off the shoulder, promise!
  14. I have this bag and it does get squish. I tend to put alot inside this bag so it retains its shape usually. It's a very cute and fun bag to have for the winter or all year long.

    Another way to wear it on your shoulder and to not have it squish is to put one handle through another and wear it with one handle.