Questions about Cracking and Peeling Sealant on bag edges

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  1. It has been mentioned in this thread:

    Has anyone else been having this problem with their bags? I have a Vit Daino tote and the edges around the entire top of the bag have cracked and are peeling.

    Which other bags have this problem? Has anyone had it repaired by the Prada boutique?

    I'm concerned because there is a Cervo hobo that I would like to purchase, but it has the same type of sealed edges and I worry that they will crack too. Just for reference, the bag I am considering does not have the round shoulder strap like the one in the thread above. It is a flat shoulder strap.

    Any advice or opinions? Thanks!
  2. Vitello Daino cracks and peels... :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: ... . .. .... . ..?!?!
  3. It's not unusual for that to happen. I've even seen it on Hermès bags. There's Fiebing's Edge Kote, that you can use to touch that up. You can order it at, just be sure you check with then on what color you need to match the sealant color you have.
  4. Not the leather, the sealant that they put on the raw edges and that isn't a huge problem.
  5. The bag you showed is the antik which is known for cracking and peeling, not sure you could repair that w/ anything once it happens

  6. Oh THAT issue! I didn't look at the threads posted. I thought she meant the raw edges of the bag where they apply the sealant.

    Chi town Chanel: Yes, that gorgeous cocoa colored Antik Cervo finish is terrible for cracking and peeling (though any of the "antik" line is included) and I don't mean the edges here. I mean the leather itself. There are gobs of old threads/posts about it. I personally had the hobo version of the Antik Cervo when it came out in 2006 and even as careful as I am, I still started getting that cracking & flaking of the finish. If you like the distressed look, you'd love it. I hated it and sold mine. If you cruise eBay for Antik Cervo bags (from any year) it won't take long before you can see for yourself what a "well worn" Antik Cervo finish looks like. It's not a pretty sight. Not to me anyway.
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for the replies.

    I'm not talking about the leather/finish on the body of the bag, I'm talking about the edges of the bag on handles and around the mouth of the bag where there is some sort of coating/sealant.

    This is the bag I am talking about:

    The sides of the strap and the top edges of the bag have a sealant on it. It is on the straps and tops of my vit daino and it is peeling off. I'm wondering if all bags with the sealant end up peeling/cracking?

  8. Then I did answer your question in the post above with the sealant info and link where to buy it.

  9. Sealant cracks are more common in certain designs. Miu Miu bow bags are notorious for sealant cracks. And I've had handheld Prada totes that are prone to this.

    Really not a big issue since the cracks do not affect the integrity of the bags at all.

    My leather guy said that depending on the design of the purse, sealant cracks may happen more often. Stress on the leather/sealant and usage are usually the culprits.

    But again, it's not a big deal. I've seen beautifully aged Hermes purses with the same issue and the bags are still fine!

    Try PP's suggestion.
  10. LV will re-glaze wallets/purses free of charge during their warranty period (2 years) or for a small fee after the two years. I'm not sure if Prada has a smiliar service though... maybe call a boutique to find out?
  11. PP: thanks for the info. I didn't know about Fiebing's edge kote. Very interesting!

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I talked to an SA at Prada. She said that unless I purchased the bag at the Prada boutique, they would not assist me in fixing the problem.
  12. What about conditioning? My prada deerskin looks dry. Any thoughts about what to use?

    I've heard Chilhowee's Buffalo Butter is decent - but this coming from equestrian guys.

  13. Checkout DOCRIDE's leather care thread in the Hermès sub-forum. I think it's in the Reference area. She's a genius with leather care and restoration.

  14. Thank you! :smile: