Questions about cracked leather...

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  1. I was wondering if you think it's - well - all it's "cracked" up to be? (Sorry!)

    I bought the black cracked oversize Ava, and was initially delighted as it looks lovely, and cracked mulberries of any style seem to be quite scarce now. But I keep reading about its delicateness, and how the leather flakes off really easily. even the care card says it's "not for the faint hearted"!

    i wonder if I should try and source a black grosgrain one instead? What do you all think?
  2. Hi, I posted a question on cracked leather yesterday, I have a bays in silver cracked leather, and having only used it once, I was shocked to see the colour worn off the handles where I'd been holding it. I'm now too afraid to use it again in case it wears off the bag itself and looks really bad. I guess it's for special occassion use, not every day!
  3. hey Fuzzyfelt, just seen your thread, sorry your Bays has gone like that. Yes you're right about it being for special occasion use, but a standard bays size is more of an everyday bag...
    are you sending yours back?
  4. Hello, I don't really know what the policy is on returns - as the care card does say that rubbing to handles and corners is to be expected. So would they let me exchange it, I don't know? I bought it from the Mulberry shop at Heathrow, so again not sure if I can take it back to any shop...

    What about you?
  5. I haven't actually used mine yet, but a friend of mine took her black cracked ava with chain out for a wedding reception last week - she noticed that her hands were covered in the black bits, almost like glitter.

    I know the cards say wear is to be expected, but personally I wouldn;t have thought it to be so quick, especially at Mulberry prices. Has alot of your leather come off? If I were you I'd give Mulberry CS a ring - it's a lot of money to spend if you feel you can't use your bag. A clutch is an occasion bag anyway, but a Bays I think is different.

    I've got a black grosgrain Ava on hold for me at HOF manchester, so I'm going to have a look at that. If I like it I'll get it and return the crackled one.
  6. Well, the handles look like a matt dull grey colour, and if you look closely you can clearly see that the shiny bits have worn off in the area where my hand wraps around the handles, and the corners already do feel smooth and look a bit dull. And yes for the price, I wouldn't expect to happen after only carrying it once! I do have it with me at work today so it's only on it's second outing.

    I might give the CS a call and see what my options are, as I'd rather put my money into something I can use without fear of it getting damaged every time I touch it. It's a real shame though, cos it's a gorgeous bag and a bit different, but no point having it if it's going to sit in the wardrobe. :sad:

    Good luck with your viewing at HOF, hope that works out better for you!
  7. i have a cracked leather jody in gold its choccy leather under the cracked gold , it said on the tag that was attached to the bag thats what happens, to make it look vintage and antique looking.
  8. Even my cracked leather heart frame keyring came with a warning about it being very delicate.
  9. yes theres delicate but then theres too fragile. i think its appalling that all the black came off like glitter from the ava...i'm glad i did'nt get the continental silver cracked purse i wanted.

    on the gold it does'nt look so bad with choc inside..i think with bays..i'd prob return it as u want to be able to use it more frequently, esp on such a funky colour.
  10. Hmmm I'm torn as to what to do, try and return it or just keep it and use & enjoy it! Be sensible or throw caution to the wind and think life's too short to worry about dull handles! lol
  11. Was about to buy a Maggie Clutch with cracked leather strap but I didn't - the SA said that cracked leather is supposed to be delicate and can be peeled off. It's not an every day bag