questions about coach shoes at department stores

Sep 16, 2007
New York
i have been wanting to ask this question for the longest so here it is i went to macys and lord and taylor and noticed that they were selling the tattersall burke sneakers but i noticed that i have not saw them on the coach website or at the coach store ( although the coach store by me where i attend school at has a pitfull selection and i just all about ignore them ) and also i saw in the macys men store they had two pairs of coach sneakers and my god honetsly if i did not see them on the shelf at macys but out on a person i would of swore they were fake like it was like the burke canvas sneaker from over the summer but it had what looked like i will say carly print or more on the lines of the signature cotton print but was in brown regular jacquard fabric and than the other shoe had the same print but in shape of slip on vans .. so like i really am questioning this macys here ... so i was wondering why i i sometimes see shoes at department stores but not on website or in coach store and wondered if any 1 else has had the same expierence ?


Will Work for Coach!
May 3, 2007
the classroom
Many of the Coach shoes in department stores are different styles than in Coach stores. Same thing with the bags. Having somewhat different products keeps customers going to both the boutiques and the department stores.


Looking for LVOE
Coach actually produces shoes specifically for department shoes.

In April '06 I saw this great pair of sneakers in Scribble in Macy's at Union Square in SF. I decided to wait until I got home (no room in the suitcase) to buy them. Then I couldn't find them at a local Macy's and Coach didn't even carry them.

You will find a better selection of shoes at a dept. store and they often go on sale faster than the Coach store.