Questions about Chanel Red Python Flap Bag

  1. Hi all, I need your help. If I remember correctly about a couple weeks ago I was looking at the Saks 5th lookbook/folder and I saw this pretty red python flap bag. I remember thinking the bag is gorgeous, it's the exact red I would love to have and it's pricey, like over $3000. But I also thought Python goods are not allowed in the state of California (where I live)? Am I right? Coz I think the Saks 5th folder said they will get a few in?

    Though most likely I cannot talk myself into spending so much on a bag, I am just so curious whether they sell the python flap (I believe the red one is from the cruise line) in the state of CA??

    Also, I don't remember the exact price (and whether it will come with a tassel like the one from winter, I don't like the tassel), anyone could help me on this?
  2. As far as I know, CA does not permit any python goods to be sold or to be shipped into CA.
  3. ^ you know that's what I thought too but I swear I remember seeing the Saks 5th binder showing how many red python flap they will receive, but I just call them and the SA now said they don't carry the python bag.....was I just dreaming???

    But anyhow, does anyone see/own this red python flap? I at least want to know the price and whether it comes with the tassel.....maybe I will just make a trip to vegas again....mmm....
  4. I saw a python flap with tassel in a magazine. I think I posted a copy in the lookbooks/magazine thread and I will check. I don't know if it's the same one you saw.

    Yes, CA has a ban on python goods which has been in effect for 20+ years. I believe that reputable designers use farmed pythons, not snakes caught in the wild but California doesn't make any distinction.
  5. This one is green, not red, so maybe it's not the same bag.
    Python flap $2,995 (not sure of magazine)
  6. ^ i saw the pic from magazine you posted, but man, the red one i have seen in the Saks 5th binder is TDF!!! and the one i saw was over $3000, like $3150 or something like that, so no it's not this one but it's similar.
  7. More like this one? although this is still less than $3000 and was posted in Sept. 2006. I'm dying to see a photo of the one you saw. :drool:
  8. ^ this one looks pretty much like the one I saw in the binder!!!! Maybe that one is bigger that's why it's more $$$....I want this so much but I live in CA..... :crybaby:
  9. I was in Neiman Marcus today and asked the Chanel SA about a red python flap and he knew nothing about it. He looked through his books and found no reference to a red one. :sad: They had the silver like the green/black above, also $2995. They actually had lots of bags, but nothing (thankfully) that was totally irresistable. I think I actually heard my credit cards sigh in relief.
  10. That python bag is gorgeous!! does it come in another color other than red?