Questions about Chanel Earrings


Jan 8, 2007
Nowhere out of ordinary.
Hi all, I just have a few questions about chanel earrings. I don't know what price range they are being sold for in retail stores today, the last time I bought a pair was in 2014 and I think I paid $525.00 for them (but they had pearls on them) so I'm guessing the price has gone way up since then but I don't really know? Also, my other question is if there is any benefit to buying the earrings at Neiman Marcus vs. buying a like new pair online? If I buy a pair with crystals on it from Neiman Marcus and they're going to replace a crystal for free if it falls off, then to me, that's worth buying it in person but if there's no difference between buying in person vs. buying a pair online, then I might as well save a few bucks and buy online. TIA tpfers! :smile:


Jan 19, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii
I think earrings usually start from around $300 and then price goes up depending on how intricate it is. Not sure about buying online vs Neimans. Costume jewelry I see online is usually always above retail 🤔 I think I personally would just buy from the store! Just me though [emoji4]


Mar 5, 2016
I've never bought Chanel earrings, so sorry I can't help you.. but your post got me thinking..

Are Chanel earrings real gold? Or sterling silver at least? Are the pearls that they use real pearls?

Or are Chanel earrings/necklaces costume jewelry? I have nothing against costume jewelry, btw; I am just wondering..



Dec 25, 2009
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If you're talking about the small CC post earrings that are made of faux pearls/stones, it it common to have a piece or two fall out, sadly. I would only buy from a store that will be able to service them for you.

The faux pearls are made of glass and the metal is base metal with a gold or silver tone. They are not plated as far as I've been told. You need to be careful not to get the jewelry wet or covered with hair spray.

There is also a very expensive Chanel line that is not costume and instead made of diamonds and precious metals etc.
Apr 22, 2016
Does Chanel still make the large cystal CC pearl drop earrings? I've seen smaller CC versions for sale pre-loved, but have not seen them in stores. I'm going to Vegas next week and am hoping the Chanel there has something similar.