Questions About Bridgit...

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  1. Ok, soooo, I thought I wanted a Lily but I've decided it's too big for right now and then I stumbled across Bridgit. She's got A LOT of what I loved about Lily, but nice and petite. From what I saw in "what's in your coach bag" it looks like she can carry quite a lot... What I need to know is, does she do well on the shoulder for one. I really want to use it for going out but I want a clutch I can keep on my should if I'm somewhere really crowded. Also, is the coin purse on the back awkward? It just looks so weird to me. I just wanted some opinions so I can move on to picking a color... :drool:
  2. Bridgit is my new love! I love my medium Lily, but boy does that bag get heavy after a very short time. The strap drop on Bridgit is perfect - definitely fits over the shoulder with lots a room to spare - even with my heaviest snow coat today it was fine. And I dont even notice the little coin pouch in the bag - its adorable, and actually useful (I threw a few quarters for the soda machine at the mall in there so I didnt have to dig for my wallet and it was very convenient. I dont think I'd put a ton of change in there, just to not stretch the kisslock out, but $1.50 in quarters worked fine!) I have amethyst and black, and even might cave and get a platinum at some point. Go for it - you wont regret it!
  3. The Bridgit does fit perfectly on the shoulder with room to spare. I have not yet used the coin purse but it hasn't bothered me. I have the black Bridgit (I don't have any colorful bags) and I absolutely love it! Small but expandable.
  4. Buy the bridgit and you won't regret on getting this bag. Perfect for going out on a date.
  5. Honestly, the Bridgit is the most comfortable bag ever!
  6. OK, Now I'm SUPER excited... and I have that auction on my watch list. (thanks jayde123!) I've also heard they're popping up in some outlets so I might call mine tomorrow.
  7. im thinking of getting the bridgit in platinum...anyone
    who has this bag,do you really need to baby it?
    to prevent early flaking and etc etc

    i know i will only use it on certain occasions but
    im afraid that this bag will demand more attention
    than what im doing at that point of time...

    TIA! :smile:
  8. I have a platinum bridgit and worn it every day and it still looks perfect. I do not babymy bags either. I LOVE this bag!
  9. ^^ thanks for the reply! i will definitely look more into
    getting one :graucho:
  10. I got my olive Bridgit at an outlet last week, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's so compact (I've always been a giant bag kind of girl) but yet roomy enough for all my stuff :smile:
  11. I can't pick a color! But since the platinum isn't hard to care for. Maybe I'll get on the tracker list and just hope some one returns one at my outlet so I don't have to get one on ebay!
  12. I just stumbled upon a platinum Bridgit at the Round Rock outlets in Austin, TX the other day, and I totally grabbed it. I had seen the black, rose, and the olive before, but they didn't wow me (the olive was pretty neutral, which is nice if you want that...I almost got it).

    I'm using her today for the first time, and I really like her already! I'm worried about the metallic leather, but since some of you said it's fine, I'm relieved to hear that. I'm a student, but I like to baby my bags - but it's hard to baby something that's going in and out of your backpack/tote, KWIM?

    Anyhoo, good luck to you other ladies still looking for one. Keep the hope, they're still out there, as I found out on Monday!
  13. hopefully they get some platinum bridgit's returned to my outlet. Otherwise I'll just pay more on ebay once I get my bonus. That's great to hear that you got what I'm looking for!!!
  14. I have the Bridgit in black and I love that bag. I don't use the coin compartment at all, but the front pocket fits my zip-around wallet, and that carries everything I need! Then I can put some makeup and my phone and whatever other odds and ends I need in the back compartment. It won't hold my sunglasses, but that's a small price to pay for such a fantastic bag!