Questions about Bellevue

  1. I saw a pic and I really like it! Does anybody know how much the PM and GM run and what colors they come in??
  2. Id like to know too..
  3. you can find lots of infos on SS 2008 THREAT at reference library..
  4. News!! I just talked to an SA over the phone and she said that the PM will be $730 and will be available in Pomme and Violette. The GM will be available in Amarante and either Pomme or Violette I cant remember which one. She also said that the GM is quite a large bag. They will also be coming out with another vernis color after the violette but they dont know what it is, its assumed to be another purple.
  5. The GM is available in Amarante and Violette.
  6. i've heard this elsewhere too. i wonder what kind of purple. i mean they've done amarante and violette, and they did regular purple a while back..what is left? i guess it could be a bluish-purple...but if they ever-did that i'd be in SERIOUS trouble :biggrin: lol. at least this new purple probably won't come out till mid-year right? (it seems they only launch one vernis color every 6 mo or so)
  7. I agree. I doesnt seem like they will be coming out with the new purple for a while. At least we think it will be a purple! based on the fact that this has been the "year of purple" for LV
  8. next shade of Venis would be a very dark blue, bellevue surely will come out in that shade too. but no official confirmation yet even for internal staff
  9. Dark blue? That sounds really nice. I can't wait! tHANKS FOR THE INFO.
  10. oooh dark blue sounds good!! i cant wait either!