Questions about Balenciaga motorcycle.

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  1. I am trying to buy a Balenciaga motorcycle bag at I found the one I wanted is said to be made of Kid Leather and the others are mostly made of Goat Leather. Is it very different and which one is better?
    I am totally new to this brand and this would be my first "expensive" bag. So excited about it. :yahoo:

  2. you should check out the balenciaga sunforum. You'll find tons of info on there..including colors, styles, different types of leather, etc.
  3. moving to Balenciaga Forum . . .
  4. "Kid" is leather from a young goat. These bags are all Goat (Kid) or Agneau (Lamb). Hope this is a bit of help...
  5. Congrats! Which one are you thinking of getting? I recently bought a black Twiggy from Diabro, and I was very pleased with their service and the bag.