Questions about Balenciaga bags

  1. Hi ladies,

    When I first saw Balenciaga bags, I thought they were ugly! I went to Saks today to look at Marc Jacobs bags and came across the Balenciagas. I was wrong. I was so wrong. The Balenciagas are beautiful! The colour of the bags is amazing. So as a Balenciaga virgin, I have a few questions. I believe the bag I was looking at is called a Twiggy, far wider than taller, it was in a beautiful denimy blue. Usually I stay away from blue bags because they clash with my blue jeans (which is pretty much all that I wear), but this one was a perfect colour. Does it have a name/ how would I find out the name?

    I have a few concerns.
    - Will the leather darken over time?
    - This is a *very* unstructured bag, how do you deal with it?
    - Does the bag just "smoosh" and flatten as soon as you put it on a flat surface?
    - Will the leather soften with time (not that it is not soft already)?
    - Saks would only sell an authentic Balenciaga, right?? Is there anything I should watch out for? They have the 30 day return policy, so I could always take advantage of it.
    - Does anyone know what metal the studs and buckles are made of?

    I very much appreciate any help, this is an expensive purchase and I very much want to be an informed buyer.

    I wish you well,

  2. :biggrin: If it was lighter blue it was probably cornflower, dark, deep blue is Ink
    Hardware is brass (brass is the base metal) and then it is antiqued or
    plated depending on the color. The bags are squishy and wonderful! I would say that my light colored bags have not gotten much darker, the
    handles will darken if you aren't careful (they might darken if you are)
    Unless you plan to wear gloves all the time...Saks is an authorized Balenciaga dealer, so no problem there. The bags are wonderful and
    fabulous.....One of the Twiggy girls here can give you more info on the
    twiggy.....good luck....and if you buy one, prepare to buy more!!!:love:
  3. Hallelujah! Another person has seen the Bbag light! :P
    I have a couple of bags, both of which are dark colors, so I can't really answer your first question. But I have seen pictures of some with lighter colors, and it seems the part that darkens the most are the handles...Not really sure how you can avoid that problem, except that you can probably try to use the strap more instead of using the handles...In terms of the structure of the bag, I don't mind when it collapses because I keep mine in a locked drawer at work. It makes it just that much easier to smoosh it down so I can close the drawer! :amuse:
    And yes, it does flatten when you put it down - but I think it would apply more to the bigger bags - eg. city, work, purse. I think the twiggy style would be okay since it is not so tall.
    Saks should sell authentic bags, but Barneys and Neiman Marcus also carries them. You can try checking them out there, too and I think their return policy is similar to Saks.

    Not sure what the metal parts are made of, but you can refer to this site regarding the hardware:

    Good luck, and let us know which bag you decide to get...And please post pics! :smile:
  4. Join us...and get it. You will LOVE it!

    I was a MJ girl before I got my first Balenciaga last spring. Now it's all about the B.bags. The leather is like no other...I can't keep my hands off it!

    The Twiggy bag is my next conquest.:love: Check out this awesome blog by one of the members here with so much eye-candy (or bag-porn) you just might catch the B.bug:
  5. Come join the madness!!! I guarantee you will be hooked! One is never enough :love: :love:
    Also check out this thread, it features a lot of Balenciaga colors, I believe both Ink (deep dark blue w/ purple undertones) & cornflower (gorgeous lighter blue) are both here. One word of warning though, it might cause even more confusion in terms of choosing a color!
  6. I have a cornflower first and it's just such a beautiful colour and it goes very nice with jeans. I would love to get a twiggy so go for it girl. I don't think that the darkening of the handles is going to be that bad on the cornflower because it's not that light. I use the strap with mine and so far it hasn't darkened at all. The leather does get nicer by use and it looses the glance and gets more mat which I like. So I'd say: Go Go Go for it!!!
  7. I am going back at lunch time today to check out the bag again. I have the money though, so I would be surprised if I don't walk out of Saks with it. I have my battery charging for my camera, so it seems my mind is pretty much made up, despite me telling myself to "just go *LOOK* at it again!"

    Thanks for the great advice!

    I wish you well,

  8. I thought they were ugly too the first time I saw them. Now I'm a fellow addict! It seems to happen to a lot of us.
  9. I loved them the first time i saw one, then hated them for awhile, and now i'm addicted, they are the BEST bags ever!
  10. you're HOOKED!!:heart: :rolleyes: :heart:
    do you mind telling us which saks it waS?
  11. Okay, I did it!

    I went to Saks at lunch time. It is the Saks Fifth Ave in Town Centre Mall in Boca Raton, FL. They have quite a few, Firsts and Twiggys, some hobos and larger satchels (I don't know all the names, I am a novice).

    So I was looking at the bag again and a friendly SA came over, said she saw me last night - yes, that was me, hovering and touching all the Balenciaga bags for 45 minutes last night. Kept coming back to the denim blue one. Let me be honest, I made a friend of the security guard last night because I was there so long. Then when I was leaving, he asked why I didn't buy the bag, so I said I had to think about it. Lo and behold, he's there today and jokes with me that he guesses I must have thought about it!

    So I had picked up the bag, then asked her if there were the extra tassles (I had read that they are supposed to come with those). She smiled and said that I had done my homework and that she would look in the back. She came back with another in the same colour. She said that hardly ever happens, they fly out the door usually!

    So then I had to choose between the two. The display one was not as "veiny", the one from the back was far more "veiny", but the colour of the leather where the zipper is, was a slightly different colour. What was a girl to do?? So I chose the more veiny one, as I think it's more what the bag should look like. If this is not the case, please let me know, so I can go exchange it. She did not find any tassles/ leather strips in the back, so she took them off the other bag. I will take pictures tonight when I get home from work and see if you ladies can see what I am talking about.

    I plan to carry it tomorrow (unless I have to exchange it), which sounds silly, it's me who has to love, but I do value your opinions. I have my outfit all planned out, I plan to wear it with my blue jeans and my chocolate brown t-shirt. mmmm.

    Thanks for reading so far, and the advice.

    I wish you well,

  12. Congrats! I am sure you will LOVE it!!!!!!
  13. congrats bridget, i hope it's the first of many!
  14. Congrats! i know you will love it.

    I can't wait to see pictures! The veiny/less veiny thing is mostly personal preference. Many of us on this forum tend to go for less veiny because it is closer to the older leather balanciaga used to use a couple of seasons ago. However, poeple say that with use the veins pretty much disappear anyway, so it may not even matter. It really is all about the feeling you get from the bag, the one that "calls" to you <g>. How do you feel? are you happy? And good for you for making sure you got the extra tassels!
  15. I enjoyed reading your story. I can relate to standing in a store debating on a bag for 45 minutes. I've made friends with SAs and security guards this way myself! It sounds like you picked a great bag--please let us know how you like it. If you're like the rest of us there will definitely be more Balenciaga to come!