Questions about Androise (sp?)

  1. Can someone please describe this color? A recent TPFer's acquisition has left my mouth watering.

    Is it darker version of etoupe? A dark grey perhaps? I'm so confused because the birkin shows up as a soft black on my ancient monitor.

    Last but not least, is it available in fjord? TIA!
  2. its a blu-ish dark gray--the translation from french is SLATE.
  3. I believe it's spelt Ardoise.

  4. yes i meant to add is ardoise
  5. How would you compare Graphite and Ardoise?
  6. i have seen both: IMO graphite is more of an even gray gray. its has slightly milkier quality where ardoise is much more saturated and dense a color. I truly dont see it as a blue toned gray just much more intense and deep. actually they seem in the same family tone wise --its a depth of saturation more than anything. make any sense at all?;)
  7. I've seen both colours too but in separate occasions so I can't quite remember how they compare. It seemed that Graphite was darker and more saturated, almost black like, while Ardoise (in swift) was paler. Could it be the lighting or leather?
  8. Yes, Graphite is darker than Adroise. Adroise reminds me of a milky gray.
  9. if this helps, i took a picture of my ardoise swift in normal day light. i think the color is soft dark gray.

  10. ^^ that bag... omg... tdf!! :girlsigh:

    Sometimes I think I could just sell everything I own and only carry swift bags :love:
  11. ardoise is a fantastic color! does it take on a different look in different light settings?
  12. i do not agree though-graphite is not darker. ardoise is much deeper they are both medium to dark grays but the blue in ardoise makes it more saturated
  13. My new Birkin is in ardoise swift and hanako's picture is a very true representation of the colour (at least on my computer screen!). It's a lovely blue-grey and the swift leather gives it a slight sheen. I looked at a graphite leather sample next to it and the grey tones are very close - but the ardoise has a bluer undertone.
  14. That does it! My next 25cm Birkin will be in ardoise swift. This bag is totally singing to me! Congrats, Hanako - this bag is stunning!
  15. this looks like the one I saw irl in the boutique. Slate is the perfect translation for it. When I first saw it I thought it was a brighton blue that came out odd on some kind of leather. I don't mean odd bad, it is a beautiful color. I say that only to point out that my first impression was a major blue undertone.