questions about an agenda.

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  1. okay ladies. part of me has wanted an agenda for a while but i'm afraid i won't use it. that may def. change once i graduate and get a job, and as of right now i just don't write down any appts i have, or my work schedule...i just tend to remember it. lol. but i've been thinking maybe i should start writing it down. plus when school starts up (for my last semester :yahoo:) i can use it for assignments too.

    how often do you use yours? and what size does everyone recommend? is the mini one too small? i just don't know which one i should get. here's a pic of my collection and the stuff i will eventually acquire is in my signature.

    what does everyone think?

  2. i dont have a LV agenda yet but, i have a filofax and i never thought i would use it. i contemplated returning it more than once but after i started carrying it in my bag i use it all of the time! i would be lost without it. plus it made me so much more organised than i was before.
  3. but do you have a lot of appts and stuff you need to write in it? as of right now i don't. lol. it's like every 4 months i go get my hair done, my nails is like whenever i want, i don't need an appt for that, i just walk in. just not a lot of stuff goes on in my life. lol.
  4. Oh you won't wrong with agenda ;) I encourage you MM, it won't too big to put in your bag and also enough to write much and much, I find PM too small for me. Referring to your great col, I thinik agenda will me them perfect :flowers:
  5. hmm. i'm thinking small ring, but i don't know about damier azur, ebony damier, MC, epi, or vernis. lol. and then with epi and vernis you get into which color?? lol.
  6. plus elux still has some mini monos...
  7. I have the Vernis agenda and use it as a wallet and agenda, so it does double duty for me! I really love it even thought I have a treo for my appointments as well.
  8. i thought about doing this but i think i love having wallets too much to stop using them. lol.
  9. Mini Mono is so cute but don't go for it. Too easily to get dirt and rub on egde... The strongest is Damier :smile: if you decide to use daily, then don't go for MC or Vernis
  10. I think you should get a vernis small ring agenda. I have the pomme , it is gorgeous. I also love the damier kaola one. Love your collection btw
  11. i have an agenda and as agenda i dont use it as much but i use mine as a wallet. Its awesome. I got the inserts from Filofax. i occasionally use it as an agenda. You will love it. Get it. i also use another wallet . so i use 2 wallets. One for the bills and stuff.
  12. yeah i couldn't decide between damier koala, damier azur, or one of the vernis colors. i think if i get something small in mc it will be a white wapity :smile: i won't use it as a wallet because i just bought a black MC porte-monnaie billets and love it, plus i've got a mono and a couple other wallets on my list. i love them too much. but maybe if i get the agenda i'll use it more than i thought i would. i had a coach one years ago, but i was young then and didn't use it hardly ever. then i sold it on eBay.
  13. I bought a small koala agenda last year and have not used it yet. I feel kinda awkward when the prof gives us the assignment and I whip out my cute little LV agenda. Get the small for the cuteness factor or the medium for it's practicality.
  14. ^^^ lol i don't think i would feel awkward. i love using my LV stuff :smile: it just seems like during the school year i look at my friend's appt-book thing (just a big black thing, not an LV one) and it's FULL of stuff. and i look at mine and it's just...not. lol.
  15. Hehe, well if you're just going to use it for appointments, the mini would be perfect. But for assignments, get the small. I'm not the agenda type either but I regret not getting the medium.