Questions about a return to the outlets

  1. So my ali has a problem. Where the ring is that holds the strap to the bag, there is some fraying. The brown finish trim on the edge of the leather is coming apart and there are littlethreads sticking out. it is only on one side, but it has me bummed :sad: I don't want to send it for repair, so I come home today and I cannot find the receipt. I just bought this last Saturday. Will they take it for an exchange? I still have the tag that shos the price I paid minus the 20% markdown. I know there will probably not be another Ali at that store, but maybe I can get something else. I used her about 3 times since I bought her. What should I do? Help!!!!!!!
  2. Since you've used it, I'm not sure they'll take it back. You'd have to either sell it on eBay or send it in for repair. She's so beautiful, I hope you send her in even though that's a pain. You deserve to enjoy her!!
  3. I don't think has to be new, unused, with tags to return it. I would send it in for the repairs. The ali is my favorite bag ever!
  4. Can I send it without a receipt? I really hate to do that :sad: How do I go about doing it. I want to use her, not wait forever for her to come back
  5. yep, no receipt needed. Just go to and print out the repair sheet. I sent my black ali off about a week ago to fix the turnkey.
  6. Ok, I will try that I guess. I am just so bummed. When I got home I had to switch everything out. I want to use her and soften her up :sad: Thank You for all the help!