questions about a Reference Library

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  1. are y'all interested in that?
    Hanging out in here more the last few weeks, it seems like this is missing.

    Have you seen the one in Chanel? Do you like that?
    Where there's a thread for each style?

    Or what may be a better option?
  2. Absolutely!

    A reference library even for the general lines would be a huge step forward- ie Soho, Legacy, Chelsea, Hamptons, etc.

    Of course, there would be to be an outlet-exclusive section, as well as accessories.

    It would be a huge asset for us. There are so many "does this exist" questions that could be answered quickly.
  3. I think it's a great idea. I thought that's what aarti was saying in the other thread when she was listing the different style names and what types of bags they've made for each.
  4. Great point!
  5. okay, I'm totally green so bear w/ me. . .

    So a Reference Library is good, yes? With each style name getting it's own reference thread.

    Separately an Outlet Forum? Do the outlets get different bags altogether, some that the boutiques/dep't stores never get?
    Or is it just accessories?
    Can these not just be in the same Library?
  6. I think its a good idea...yes, the factory store (outlet) had different item that are made just for the factory store (outlet).
  7. can they all be in the same Library?
    We wouldn't need another whole Forum would we?
    Or yes?
  8. I think it could be the area for Coach reference library.
  9. I think they could be in the same library, but just make sure there is a way to differentiate, like an F designation or something. It may be too confusing to have a separate Outlet reference. It may also be a bit harder to get info on outlet exclusives (?)

    The whole reference idea is great! TIA Swanky if you are putting this together for us!
  10. Have y'all visited the Chanel Reference Library I set up?
    It could work like that. . .
    each item has it's own thread.
    for example:

    Post your Legacy Bags here!

    Post your Carly Bags here!

    Post your Soho Bags here!

    Post your Accessories here!

    Post your Footwear here!
    etc. . . .

    in addition to boutiqe/dep't store bag styles there can be:

    Post your Outlet Legacy Bags Here {or whatever! LOL!}

    each outlet thread can just include "outlet" in the title.

    Would this work?
  11. That sounds good to me!
  12. A Reference Library is a great idea! With a separate area for the Outlet.
  13. That sounds lovely!

    I think the most confusion about the outlets is the difference between retail store deletes and factory exclusives. Especially for Coach newbies learning their way around their first few creeds, the factory stuff can be really tricky!

    Let me just try to throw out some suggestions and see what people think....

    Legacy (Should there be a separate Legacy for the 65th Ann. collection? Probably)
    Limited Editions
    Wallets and Accessories
    Sunglasses and Ready-to-wear

    Factory Outlet Exclusives

    I don't know if we've earned it or not, but a color grid would be awesome as well. There's a question right now on the main page about colors of signature produced, and I'm always in search of that last Nappa Tortilla to know I've got them all. Just a another thought, since I saw BBag has a whole bunch of color posts.
  14. this is great,,,u guys help us name all the styles so we can put somethin togther!Im not the greatest at coach(prada..YES!LOL!)..I know alot of styles as my daughter loves it.....but we need all the suggestions we can get!
  15. OK, great! This should at least get us started!:yes:
    Any other suggestions we may have overlooked?