Questions!! About a name of a bag and keychain...

  1. I picked up something from Gucci today for my mom and on the way out of the mall, I saw this girl with a Speedy 35 and guess what was hanging from the gold handles? A BEAR KEYCHAIN! It was sooo cute! And it wasn't like, a silver or gold keychain.. It was made from leather monogram canvas and cut into the shape of a cute teddy bear! Silver was used (I think) for the eyes and nose. My question: Is this a real Louis V item? I've never seen this on the the web before or in the LV Boutique for that matter. But I know how some items are limited editions.

    Another "LV" I spotted in the parking lot was a gorgeous messenger bag! Just what I want for school! It's EXACTLY the same style as the Naviglio but instead of Damier, it's in Monogram Canvas. Does anyone know the name of this bag? THANKS IN ADVANCE. :smile:
  2. i don't believe the bear was ever a only came as a "pin". there are lots of bear keychains in eBay as a fake. someone correct me if i'm wrong.

    sorry, i don't know the name of the monogram bag that looks like the naviglio..i'll leave that for the other experts here. :smile:
  3. Thanks, Nakolulu. :smile:

    Does anyone know the name of the Mono Canvas "Naviglio"?
  4. The only Bear KEYCHAIN i can think of is the Panda Cles...........Besides that, the only other thing is the Panda Rond, which is the Panda on a Mono Rond........Oh ya, also there is the Teddy Bear pins, but thats all
  5. Too bad, it was sooo cute!! So how about the bag?

  6. PLEASE help people! I'm going out to LV in an hour and I need to know if the Mono Canvas Naviglio is real or not so I know what to buy when I get to the store.
  7. Please Help People Its Urgent.
  8. I'm leaving in 10 minutes, I really DO need help please.
  9. ^^Ack, definitely fake. As others have said, the only bear keychain made was the Panda Porte Cles.
  10. Yup, keychain is defintely fake.

    The only leather bears that were ever produced that I can think of are:
    -The little leather bear made that hung off of Doudou's neck and of course, the Panda Cles.


  11. ^^That bear is so freakin' adorable! As far as the mono naviglio goes, one could SO one but it's not a standard LV model.
  12. Ooopsie. I forgot to answer the Naviglio question! :push:

    I *think* I remember seeing some Monogram Canvas Naviglios that were special ordered? My mind's fuzzy right now since it's late over here. :p
  13. Yesw they are SO! I remember seeing it on "Rakuten". I don' like it...