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  1. Sorry if this question has already been asked but I was wondering if someone could compare the Damier cosmetic case Gm and the Damier toiletry case 25. I put my life in my makeup case and wondered which one was better to carry inside a LV bag. Also, has the Damier mm agenda been discontinued? I could not locate it on the site. Thank you all for reading and/ or answering these questions! :smile::smile::smile:
  2. I can't comment in the T25 as I don't have it but I do have the GM DE Cosmetic pouch. Like you I carry a lot of cosmetics on a daily basis. Lol
    It holds a lot with room to spare. I will post a pic for you to get an idea. :smile:
    As you can see it's not even half full with everything I have in it. Lots of room to spare. :smile:

  3. ^^ I agree the GM holds a ton!!! Last summer when I went to Florida for a week it was the only thing I brought for my makeup :smile:
  4. Hi

    Check out the review nastasiam53 did on YouTube on the cosm pochette pm, gm and the trousse toilet 25. I think it will answer all your questions! Love her video's !