1. I inherited this bag, don't know much about it. Can anyone identify its name/year?
    Olive Chanel.jpg
  2. Hi, I had to move your question because you asked in a thread that does NOT allow any questions/chatting in the Reference Library, which is for reference posts only.

    The bag is a Coco Cabas, they're new, F/W 06/07 bags.
  3. Hmm...the shape and the chains don't say cabas to me, but could it be the sporty cabas?
  4. I think this is a vintage Chanel bag....
  5. It's an older style... it's a great tote, but I don't know the name or year. It's so nice and roomy. Lucky you!
  6. oh how embarrassing! I guess I need glasses! I didn't enlarge the photo in my defense, to me, obviously not studying it well and NOT enlarging photo it looked lioke the Cabas!
    Definitely NOT the Cabas!
  7. ^^That was my first though too. :p Thumbnail size it totally looks like new sporty cabas.
  8. Don't know the name but I think it came out in the 80's?
  9. THANKS!!! for moving the thread and for answering. It has some wear on it (it was well loved by my auntie) so I would think that it would be something later than the 06/07 season (she would never give it up to me!).

    It is a wonderful bag, I can fit a ton of things in it, and it doesn't feel overwhelming. I use it to transport schoolwork, or if I have errands to run and want to shove a bunch of stuff in one bag. THANKS girls for helping out.