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  1. can you usually walk into a lv boutique and buy what you want? or how does it work? Im going to one the end of this month in santa clara california. I'm looking for a pochette but I dont want to go and be sad if they dont have it.
  2. What pochette do you want ?
  3. the monogram canvas accessories
  4. If it just a regular pouchette you want they will def. have it.

    I am going to PM you now.
  5. Normally i just go and buy what i want.The only thing i called for them to keep for me, cos thought if i didnt i couldnt get was my my groom wallet but they still have them till now in shop
  6. Yes i think they will have it because it's a famous pochette. Call Vuitton if you're not sure an reserve one.

    Sorry if my english is wrong.
  7. if it's something specific that I want, I usually call them ahead of time to check if they have it in stock first, then I ask for them to put it on hold for me.
  8. yeah pretty much. i call ahead just to check that they have plenty in stock.. otherwise i'll have them hold it for me and let them know i'm on my way.
  9. oh cool ok! thanks guys