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  1. I know i can't sell here but does anyone have any ideas where I could BESIDES ebay? (I hate their fees) I really need the money for Christmas and a flight home :crybaby: :s :shrugs:
  2. call the stores and do a phone order
  3. a consignment store?
  4. There aren't any that are near...:sad: do they give you money right on the spot for them or do you have to wait for the things to sell?
  5. phone order for what?
  6. You have to wait for the item to sell I believe. Unfortunately there aren't that many places to sell. Ebay is your best option.
  7. ugh I was afraid of that :hysteric: :crybaby: :yucky:
  8. unless you find a 'resale' store, where they will give you money on the spot.
  9. I doubt there are any around here...what type of 'resale' store am I looking for?
  10. I don't want to BUY coach i'm looking to where I could SELL it!
  11. I can really only think of auction sites like ebay. There are others (ie. yahoo, overstock, ioffer) but they sell very few authentics but i have bought from them.
  12. yeah I figured ebay was my best bet.....irk :s
  13. a resale store and a consignment store are pretty much the same thing, except consignment will hold th eitems and once they sell, you get the money. at a resale store when you take items in you get the money immediately...

    i don't know where you live, but here are examples of a resale store:

    once upon a child
    plato's closet
    one more time

  14. none of those are around me :sad: oh well