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  1. I bought the 35 Rouge Garrance in Vache Liegee 2 months ago...Havent take her out yet. I really like Rouge Garrance, and it suppose to be lip stick red, but is that only me or my bag look little darker.

    lovely ladies what cha think?

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  2. To me, Rouge Garrance is Heinz tomato ketchup red (no offense intended--that's just the first association that comes to my mind!) and this picture, on my screen, sure looks like RG to me! HTH. Others?
  3. Yes actually from the pic it looks a little dark..did you try to ask to your SA about?

  4. thanks...then which rouge is lip stick red?

  5. No, I didn't...Guess the color show varies on different leather
  6. I was just thinking that probably the colour looks different in different leathers, anyway your birkin is a beauty:flowers:
  7. Looks like RG to me. I agree with amberle, a colour looks different in different leathers. ButI love your new bag and you're very lucky that you found this one as a RG Birkin not easy to find ;).
  8. VL is such a beautiful skin -- IMO it does show colors a little darker.
  9. Isn't VL a difficult leather to find anymore? I have two bags (a gold birkin and a black bolide) and they are the prizes of my collection. The leather is the best! I think the color is beautiful.
  10. Beautiful bag! It's a great find and to answer your original question, Rouge Vif is a true lipstick Red IMO.
  11. You are right BBL. It is the most expensive skin (aside from exotics) I think. I still regret turning down a VL kelly in brique -- it showed off the color and skin so beautifully.
  12. everything is a little darker in VL
  13. Thanks million for all lovely ladies...Now I feel lucky to find her...
  14. I love VL. It's light and strong and pretty weatherproof. Congrats!
  15. You must use her, she's amazing and a perfect red! More wearable I think than a true lipstick red, she's just divine. :love: