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  1. I am debating whether I should get a GST or the Medallion tote. Which do you gals think is better?
  2. Gst
  3. I had the sameeee dilemma but I chose the GST =) The GST is 100 more than the Medallion and I feel that you get more outta this bag. Its a classic too. If you google or see how great the ladies look on TPF with their GST's, youd get that bag too.

    The Medallion is a classic, but honestly, go for the GST!
  4. I have a GST myself but I've started to like the Medallion more and more. I wouldn't mind one in Beige.
  5. GST I am getting Black with SHW next weekend for my BDAY this will be my 1st Chanel.
  6. I vote for the GST too! :smile:
  7. I have both but the Medallion was my first Chanel and I still love it the most :smile:
  8. GST forever.........
  9. Dress it up or down, I vote for the classic GST!!!!
  10. I've given it some though now :smile:. The GST is a bit bulky. It didn't bother me at first but now it does and with time it does slouch. I would go for the Medallion.
  11. Gst!
  12. I don't have either of the bags but prefer to go with GST personally
  13. Gst!! :smile:
  14. GST would be more functional and it has a more modern and timeless look. Medallion looks kinda 'old' and stiff to me.
  15. I think I am getting the GST in beige. Should I go for the silver hw or the gold hw? Do you guys have any preference on patent, caviar, or calf?