1. Ah, the infamous red Classic Flap Jumbo. We're all in love with the color, but there are no Jumbos right now in the bright red. Cross your fingers for it to come out in future seasons!
  2. i want her too !!!
    along with thousands of other woman
    i am thinking about writting her a letter and asking her if she can give it to me..
    she really don't need it... she has hundreds of chanel and other bags !!!!
    she probably does not even carry it anymore
  3. :lol: ^^Tell us how you make out!! Maybe they can send all thier old bags our way!!
  4. That is a beautiful bag.
  5. Your best bet now would probably be ebay or a consignment shop. I have not yet seen the exact bag on ebay, but there are some red flaps in different sizes, and a shopping tote one.
    If only MK knew the frevor she has caused!
  6. I love a great red bag and that one if fabulous.