1. I got my Chanel travel purse - I am very excited but have a question as I haven't bought a purse on Ebay before. The purse has a slight smell to it - a bit musty. I'm not sure if it was due to the packing (there was no packing materials, it was in its dust cover and the box it was in was slightly banged up and not taped properly so moisture could have got into the box during transit) or if it was because the purse was stored away. Question - do you think the smell will go away? How long should I wait? Should I notify the seller now of the situation or wait to see if the smell goes away? Thanks for the advice - Lisa
  2. ^^^^ I am thinking it was the way it was stored. I would give the bag time to air out and see what happens. You might want to let the seller know that you were dissatisfied with the shipping, you can always tell her your going to try to air it out.
  3. My DH once put one of my oversize Chanel lambskin ($$$) handbags in the cold storage room in our basement. :nuts: :cursing: :hysteric: It was stored with many other things and I didn't even know it was there for a decade or so, since it was the '90s, and I was using more minimal bags.

    When I found it, I immediately took it upstairs and tried airing it out because it had quite a musty smell. After a year or so of just airing it out, which did very little, I took more drastic measures and started cleaning it with everything I could think of. I even tried cleaning solvents such as bathroom tile mildew remover... I was getting desperate. The purse was useless to me unless I could get the smell out, so I wasn't overly concerned with destroying the leather.

    The good news is... it is very difficult to destroy Chanel leather. The purse still looks good!!

    The bad news... I have to repeatedly "refresh" the purse with a cleaning solvent or a freshener, because the smell will eventually come back, although not as badly as it smelled when I first took it out of the basement.

    I'm not saying that you should use such strong chemicals on your bag, but I really do think the smell is a result of the way it was stored.
  4. Thanks all - it isn't a super strong smell, and I love the style. It is going to be great for traveling. It isn't leather - canvas as it is a carry-on type of bag. I am so impressed with the stitching and everything. The only other thing I have of Chanel is the new lambskin wallet purse (not sure how else to describe) I got at NM earlier this year (it is a wallet as it doesn't have a strap but it is big enough to be a clutch purse). Anyway, I can see why everyone loves Chanel! Even though my bag isn't pretty, it is so well made. Thanks again for your help - I'll let it air out for awhile. Lisa
    eBay: Chanel Black Canvas Travel/Carry-On Bag ~NEW~ (item 110046366909 end time Oct-29-06 17:20:00 PST)