1. I know selling is not allowed here so please excuse/correct me if this question is unacceptable.
    How does one find out which PFer's are selling bags on ebay? Can that only go through the marketplaza too?
  2. I'd like to know that also, if it's allowed to share that information.
  3. I think there's a thread somewhere here where members can post their ebay ID. Whenever I find a bag on ebay I like, I usually search the seller's name here on the forum. Sometimes it will show up, and give me a better idea whether to trust the seller or stay away....
  4. No, actually we don't allow that type of discussion at all. We don't allow anyone to post their eBay user ID.
    Some people know other member's IDs but that's it.
  5. OK. Thanks Swanky.
  6. You're welcome . . . some people make a list I think.
    For example, someone will post a good deal on a bag they see on eBay and ask "is this a PFer's?"
    it's okay to respond w/ "yes, that's mine". . . and so it begins, people know each other's ID's. . . . But we don't allow blatant discussions about it or allow people to post their own IDs as it's a form of advertising.

  7. Yes. I was just wondering since I see things mentioned in threads. People thanking eachother for bags or commenting on items they've bought from a PF member. I completely understand how it would be like advertising if it were common knowledge.
  8. Thank you for the explanation. I'll pay close attention to the posts!
  9. ;)