Mar 17, 2010
I have a question. I just bought the new Coach Kristin graphic op art hobo about a week ago. Today I noticed that a stitch has come out. Is it ridiculous for me to exchange it over this one stitch? It just bothers me because it looks frayed.
Aug 24, 2009
Are you hard on your bags? Have you used it? These things need to be considered...

If the bag is new, or used once or twice...then this is a defect. But if you've thrown the bag around and been overall rough with it, then that's the natural downfall to "cloth" bags.

Either way, I think you should at least bring it into Coach and see what there take is...
Mar 17, 2010
No I am very careful with my bags. Especially this one since it is light in color and cloth and I am afraid of getting it dirty. I have about 25 Coach bags and have never had this problem before. I hate to be so anal but it is annoying to spend $ 300 on a bag and have a stitch come out after a week.


Sep 6, 2006
bring it in to let them evaluate

i just ordered this bag for someone and it came back as a refunded order..meaning jax is totally sold out and no surrounding stores are able to fulfill (number in their store inventory too low or 0)

Carry Me Please

Carry Me Please
Mar 24, 2009
Coach is very good at taking items back. If it bothers you, it always will. I would take it back to them.


Feb 23, 2009
Definitely take it in. I had something similar happen to my walnut Hailey, my SA offered to replace it but Coach was sold out at the time, so he offered repair through Coach or I could go through a local cobbler to have it fixed and get reimbursed by Coach. I chose the local cobbler, they botched the job, but by then JAX had replenished so I got a new Hailey and haven't had any problems with her. That stitch would have driven me crazy because no way it wasn't going to get worse.