1. For those of you with a Cerise Cles or a Groom Cles, do you actually "use" it or do you clip it to your bag as a decorative piece?
  2. i have my groom cles attached to my car keys.
  3. My groom cles makes a great wallet
  4. I use it mostly as a decorative item! I'm worried about the silver coins transferring to the inside canvas.....I will say that I do use it to hold CCs, etc. at times.
  5. I have the groom cles attached to my mono Speedy. I don't plan to use it as a key chain.
  6. I am using mine as a decoration...he looks so cute hanging from my BH!
  7. Haven't decided it yet, maybe i'll use it to hold my dl, cc, some bills and car keys when i don't feel like to carry the bag...
  8. I have the cerises and I use it as my key fob and also for any small misc. things that would just drop the the bottom of my purse. Change etc.
  9. I sometimes use it to clip to my belt loop when im going out to the club and want to have as little as possible on me.

    Is this cheesy? I feel like nobody else does this...
  10. I just got my groom cles yesterday and attached it to my car key right away (in the store). Then, after I got in the car, I put some change in it for my morning coffee!:nuts:
  11. I have my keys attached to my groom cles.
  12. Nice Irene! Quick and efficient! ;)

    I did almost the same... got the cles, got in my car and proceeded to unload all the change from my wallet into the cles. Although I've only been using it for 2 days, I have had absolutely no problems with the coins transferring colour to the inside of the cles! :yes:
  13. When I get my groom cles, or rond, I am going to use it to put change, and bills in when my wallet doesn't fit in my pants pocket.
  14. I don't think sounds very practical!
  15. I do use my cerises cles, but I have multiple cles so sometimes I'll use it as decoration while using another cles......