You know what, I can sit here and say yes- but probably not. Then again, if a bag is made beautifully but is not a high end designer name, I would buy it.

It's not that I need to have designer bags, but I like them- and many of them are made very well IMO
I've never paid $1000 for a handbag. Most of my bags are in the $100-$350 range, though I did spring for that LV yesterday, the only bag I've ever paid over $500 for. Though I've bought a couple of trendy bags this year, generally what I look for is quality, style and funtionality. Some of my best handbag buys are Perlina and Monsac those few times they go on sale at Nordstroms. And I have a leather no-name backpack that I bought on sale at Robinson's for $25, that I use when we take our son to Disneyland. I don't worry about it getting scratched or stepped on when we go on rides.
Like I said in a different thread-- it is much better to buy a bag that is in your price range that you know is well made, beautiful, and durable.
I've also never bought $1000 most expensive purchases have been $400 from Coach and Bulga, both of which I purchased because the leather is yummy, and both are spacious and are great to carry every day. I'll admit that I like the high quality and quality usually entails a high price, but if either of these bags cost less and were the same quality, I'd still buy them. My best friend is a sociologist and we had an interesting discussion about this recently--status pieces, what they are, etc. I do agree with the assertion that much of the craze for certain bags has to do with the price and the limited availablity. They're limited in number (supply & demand), and the higher the price, the smaller the group of consumers since the general population can't or won't spend over a grand on a bag. Carrying a high quality bag shows that the individual can afford that type of quality, which indicates buying power. There was some discussion here recently about some of the newer bag designers increasing their prices not because the bag is worth that much in materials and quality, but instead to increase demand and indicate quality and desireability. It's definitely an interesting discussion, and I'm curious to hear what others think about it...
^^ It is interesting that you bring that up. I have noticed over the years the huge price climb in many designer bags- almost becomming flat out ridiculous. Coach always was a brand I bought for high quality and pretty reasonable price for the quality- but some bags cost well over a grand, and are not worth it. I always bu bags because I love them- because I think they are well made. My paddington for example, was quite expensive, but I truly love the craftmanship that went into the bag and I loved the feel and sturdiness of the bag.

Many people do carry bags for status though. They carry an expensive bag and hope people look at it and think to themselves "they must have money look at the bag". But I don't think every handbag lover does that. I carry a bag because I love it, not because I think other people will love it.

That is why lately, I have tried to look at some other brands (the Brahmin post I did earlier), which is impeccable quality and craftmanship, not a huge name designer, and a mid range price tag- around $500. Many times you can get a brand that is not an "it" brand for the same if not sometimes even better quality.
I've bought bags in all price ranges, as well. I have a $15 green army messenger bag I bought at an army/navy store that I carried for years. I also have a Dickies bag and a couple of bags made by Volcom (love their clothes!). The more expensive bags I own have either been gifts or a splurge or treat for myself because I had extra money to spend. Now that I'm out of school and have a good job I can afford higher-quality bags that I hope to own and carry for years. It doesn't matter to me whether or not the bag is designer or "in" right now. I buy what I like :biggrin:
I am one to buy bag of varying prices. But i have yet to pay more than 500 for a bag ,just yet. NOw if i see something that itruly like that is over 500, i would get it. But just in general to just but something becasue it cost a certain amount ( high priced ) I wouldnt do so . So if i can find the same details and quailty for a good price am there
when i go looking for bags, whether it be at saks or or the gap, i try to focus not on price, but on whether a bag "looks expensive." not in the way that i want others to think that i paid a lot, but in the way that if a bag looks expensive to me, it's going to have quality stitching, no loose threads, excellent material, a nice lining, and beautiful, innovative design. there are plenty of cheap bags that look expensive and expensive bags that look cheap, at least to me.

price is a measure of perceived, not actual, value. a company's marketing department does a lot more thinking and studying and researching about a bag's particular price point than we will ever know, and they work hard to make the bags' percieved value high. that's why a sense of personal style becomes so important when it comes to this kind of thing, because if you don't know what you like, you're just their puppet.

so to answer the real question, i'd be willing to pay more for most of my bags than what i originally paid for them because i'm picky. i use what i buy and i don't waste. i think long and hard and usually wait at least a week before i buy something that i see and like. i do a lot of research.

But sometimes there's this person inside of me that says "Are you sure? Look at the price. You can get two bags from a different designer. Are you sure? Think wisely...". Then I say..."Forget it! I WANT IT! ARGHHH! Where's my wallet?!"