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  1. Have been thinking of these questions for a few days.

    Would you pay a forturne for a bag with no brand? Assuming the material and design is exactly like LV, Dior or Celine etc (and assuming LV etc did not have the design, so the no-name bag is not a copy or fake).

    Honestly, I dunno if I would really take out usd 1000+ to buy a no-name bag.

    Some of us feel that this is an investment and if the well-known bag is no longer appealing, we can sell it away to buy another bag. Well, assuming all bags have no resale value, would you then take out so much money to buy a well-known bag?

    I always struggle with such thoughts (talking about pessimistic!). Do you ladies/ guys think about such things too? What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Sure, assuming that the design was that revolutionary and awesome? Why not?
  3. I agree with the OP, I can't honestly say I would. =(
  4. I don't purchase a bag based on it's name,beautiful bags don't need a fancy designer name to be worthy of me dropping a grand on it if well made and to my liking.

    I've seen many highend bags that I wouldn't spend 5 cents on.
    Woman with true style think outside the box,the LV box,Dior box,etc,etc.;)
  5. i totally agree!!
    for my style is not brand: that's why i hate things that show off the brand.
  6. Maybe, if the bag was really nice.

    But on the flip side, bags that are really nice in quality but without a really famous brand attached often don't run that high in price.
  7. it's hard to know whether the bag will be durable without knowing the history and quality of the brand, but if it was a brand i trusted (but much smaller and less known than the ones we normally talk about), i would absolutely spend the money on it. but you gotta know something about what you're spending money on.
  8. yeah i probably would buy an expensive bag that isn't a BIG name... well it just has to be good all round... good pockets, handles etc.... :amuse:
  9. I also buy bags based on the design and it's quality. If I see a bag (or anything for that matter) that I like and I'm not familiar with the brand, I usually research on it to find out more about it. However, I am guilty of brand loyalty in that I look at what my favorite brand has to offer first before I look at other brands.
  10. The first thing that catches my eye is the bag itself (design, size, color, etc). Then I look at the quality. Then the price tag. Then I weigh things out and see if I would pay that much for it or not.
  11. To be honest, I don't know.

    Colorado is not really a Mecca for shopping - I can't say because I have never been anywhere that would have beautiful purses or shoes that are very expensive but not "recognizeable".
  12. Extremely salient point!!!