question (:

hi, i'm new here so please don't yell at me for asking a silly question :biggrin:
is there a place on this forum where you can SELL bags that you own? i know on a lot of denim forums, they have places where you can sell your things, but i haven't found that for this site yet. i have a new hayden harnett corcovado bag i would like to sell. i would rather sell it to someone who i know will love it and take good care of it than someone on ebay... so please let me know about that! thank you!!! :heart:


I Miss The 80s & 90s
Dec 4, 2007
Welcome to tPF & HH-Ville, days_as_sailors!

Another good option is craiglist since you can make it a local transaction if you wanted to. HTH!


Jul 18, 2006
days, welcome!

Just an FYI, you are not allowed to post your own eBay auctions on the board. You will get used to the rules a little more if you hang out here.