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  1. I recently bought my first coach.I bought it at Macys...My friend just got her first one yesterday.She got it at Macys also..When I bought mine I did not get a bag or box but she did..Hers was cheaper then mine..Was I supposed to get the bag and box??? I know its not a huge deal but its bothering me.If im going to pay $$$ for something I want the Box and the bag if everyone else gets one lol...Should I call Coach???

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Not a box, but generally you should get a dustbag. However whenever I used to buy bags from Macys, they never had enough for the bags. If you really want one, I would go back and ask for one.
  3. So what determines if you get a box?? Just curious
  4. Most of the time they don't give out boxes at Coach. Especially Macys or other department stores. I'm sure if you bought it from Coach and asked them for a box they may have one, but most of the time they don't. Boxes aren't gimmes at Coach.
  5. I see Thanks for the help :smile:
  6. If I ask the coach store will always give me a box, but I've NEVER had a department store give me a box...And I'd say about 50% of the time did I get a dustbag from a department store. (I say did since no department stores where I live CARRY coach!)
  7. yeah, usually the boxes are for gift wrapping. macy's should have the dustbags...they usually are in the bag at the bottom underneat the paper. I don't believe the department stores even have boxes...
  8. Sadly in some cases the dust bags in department stores are moved around, taken, fallen out etc. Ocasionally if the bag I want does not have one I have to search for another in another bag.

    I was really disoppointed because I bought my first wristlet (at a coach store) and I was not given a dust bag. Have you guys ever gotten dust bags with a wristlet?
  9. Yea, I bought a dooney bag (back when I was into dooney) at Macys last November and they gave me a coach dustbag because they didn't have any dooney bags. So that's how they don't have any dustbags because they take them out of the bags and give them to other bags. Only department store that I know doesn't do that is Nordies.
  10. Most of my wristlets come from the outlet so they do put them in the white dustbags. Neither of the ones I bought from a coach store got a dustbag, just wrapped.

    That said, I don't use my dustbags in a traditional way. I have drawers in my closet system for all my coach. I just set some dustbags over the top of them inside the it doesn't matter that I don't have one for every bag.
  11. I've never bought a bag from a department store but when I do buy from the actual Coach store I never get a box. One time I did for my scarf. I think if you ask they might give you one. As for the dustbag they should be in every bag. But, like the ladies mentioned above dept. store are always so unorganized.
  12. they don't give out dustbags for wristlets or for swing packs
  13. I got a dust bag for a key chain from the Coach Outlet but, not for the $200.0 bag. Doesn't make sense? Oh well... I just bought extra pillow case covers that have zippers, so if my bag does not have a dust bag, I just put it in one of them for protection.
  14. I remember back in the day when Coach only had the leather bags and the signature line hadn't come out just yet. I worked for Lazarus (which is now Macy*s) in the handbag dept and every bag got a brown cardboard gift box with Coach logo on top. Now you're even lucky if you get a dustbag.
  15. the person who helped her probably asked if she wanted gift wrapping..

    In that case they probably gave her the dustbag and the box. I'd take my receipt back to the store and get a dustbag and box