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  1. There is a bag i want to place a bid on, the seller said it brand new but sku number inside prevent store return, what does that mean.
    Thanks in advance
  2. It's to stop people buying it and then attempting to return to a store so it's probably marked inside to prevent
  3. Items marked in this fashion would have been sold as a final sale - probably at a discount. They could have been returns or display models.
  4. Yes, I would ask for a picture of this mark inside. It may be a blacked out barcode, but do check as I have seen some pictures of big black crosses on the lining of some bags(usually to indicate a sale item)and that might not be Ok with you..
  5. Doesn't the Nordstroms outlet do this to their things?
  6. not sure who it is but I have seen soem pics on eBay listings and it is horrible. They ruin the bag because its going into the sale. Maybe it makes them feel better about selling at such a knock off price too...:lol::lol:
  7. Nordstrom Rack does this (although the bag I picked up today was clean in the pocket)...