1. Ok so i've been really sick to my stomach and I have gas and I feel lightheaded and I also have period like cramps and feel fatigued. These symptoms have been off and on for about 3/4 weeks. I am on birth control pills...please help.

    Thanks girls!
  2. Ummm, not to sound rude but what are we supposed to help with??

    1. Is your period even late??

    2. How good are you about taking your pill?

    3. Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?

    ...We may be able to start and "help" (I'm not really even sure how...) you if we have that information.
  3. I'm with lamiastella, more info would be really helpful. From what you've described, it could be a lot of things, including just what you've been eating.
  4. You obviously think you may be pregnant so the best advise I can offer is take a pregnancy test.
  5. ^ita