1. So I bought a PRADA handbag from the Fashion Outlet over at Primm Valley resord and casino in Las Vegas. The Boutique is called Las Vegas Collectibles Designer Collection. They said their stuff was real and its hard to examine their bags at the moment, which I bought for my mother. When i got home, and I live in California, after researching here and examining the bag myself, I come to conclude the bag is FAKE! :yucky: How is that? How can they sell all of these designer handbags in an actual store right next to like Burberry Outlet, Coach outlet, Versace, and Bally and sell FAKES!? And its a High Designer Outlet so I figured, Hey its real. A lesson learned, NEVER BUY DESINGER HANDBAGS FROM THAT STORE AGAIN. My question is, the reciept says exchange only, but I want a full refund, so Im thinking of calling them and say like, I want a full refund because the bag is fake and if I dont get a refund Im going to report them to the Outlet. I also want to report them to that one place that you girls have mentioned to call if you find a place that sells fakes? If you could give me that number it would be great! THANKS! So do you think that would work? cus I live all the way in California and thats in Nevada :sad: IM SO UPSET :sad: Your help would be VERY much appreciated, because I paid 620.64 for that bag and I don't even work :sad:
  2. This is the handbag. I realized it was fake when i first saw it on the forum and someone said that its a fake. The real one had a different PRADA logo on the front. Then I realized the Authenticity credit card thing was a different color from my Mom's other PRADA. Her other one was white, the card for this bag was off white, sort of a purple tone to it. That made it official.
  3. just call ur credit card company. theyll fight the battle for you
  4. really? so if i used my Washington Mutual debit card, I just notify them and they will fix the problem? Will it become like a huge problem? like lawsuit status? or just a minor argument and refund of my money? Please elaborate because I really would like my money back.
  5. call WAMU and ask, a debit card is different than a credit card when it comes to these things I think.
    But before you do that, have you tried returning it and just telling them that you don't buy illegal counterfeits and if they don't refund every dime you'll stop payment on your card?
    Usually this works and you never have to bother :biggrin:
  6. I go to Vegas once or twice a year and I have noticed that there are alot of shops that sell fake bags. Sorry this happened to you and I hope you get all your money back.
  7. 1st id listen to swanky...but if that doesnt work, go to the credit card company. thats what they're there for. and it usually doesnt amount to much. the credit card company would give you a refund then go after the company for the money. chances are if its really a fake, they dont want a spotlight shined on them so they should be helpful ;)
  8. so I did some research and found a number, 1866 NOT FAKE from international anticounterfeiting coalition. I am thinking of calling the store and asking them for a refund or I will report them to that number and notify the Outlet. I would return it but I live in Cali and Vegas is in Nevada. Plus its only exchanges. If that does not work ill call WAMU.

    you think that would work? Thanks everyone for your help! i am VERY greatful
  9. YES! So I spoke to the salesperson and he easily offered me to return the product, after he said that they are authorized sellers. He gave me the address and everything. Being iffy, i verified the address on mapquest LOL. I also called WAMU to cancel the payments, but they said the amount is pending so it would be best to return the product and have them refund the money. Im so happy now, what a relief! THANKS EVERYONE for your help! Much appreciation :woohoo:
  10. Glad to hear it worked for you. Monitor your account for the credit.Sometimes these guys like to take their sweet time with it. As for your debit card...whenever you use it as a credit card (no PIN) it is treated as a any other credit card purchase entitling you to full dispute rights. If they don't refund you promptly (though I think they get 30 days by law) your bank can do a charge back. It's harder when you do a debit transaction with your PIN. I'm not sure why exactly...just what the bank told me. On bigger purchases I ALWAYS skip the PIN option and process as credit. Who knows if it helps, but I sure feel better.