1. would any of you know where to get custom made shoes? i have particular designs that i want and i cant find them ANYWHERE... i dont think they have alot of shoemakers in towns now a days lol... help!
  2. I really don't know but I would think a good cobbler might be able to help or know where you could go. I know a lot of start ups seek factories to make proto types but I don't know how to find these factories. I would imagine NY would have some of these factories. There is a small shoe store in NJ that does their own brand of shoes from Italy called Just Our Shoes. I don't know if they may give out the name of the factory.
  3. theres supposed to be a really good one in NY let me find out who
  4. Okay its " empire shoe repair"
    991 lexington ave
    #212 7441257
  5. would love to know! thanks
  6. i`already posted
  7. Tupli in NY. They make custom shoes and are supposed to be very good. If you get a pair made, post 'em for all to see!
  8. What kind of shoes, j'aime_vuitton? I have a fantastic place in Manhattan that makes all my riding boots. With all the shoes in my closet, nothing fits better than my dressage boots. They make other shoes as well, but I'm not sure that they'll understand something like, say, a 5 inch stiletto.
  9. id like to get a few black strappy sandal styles and im also trying to find brown boots with stitching going up and down them almost in pinstipes. thanks everyone for your help! i will check them out.