1. My friend bought a fake bag on eBay, she emailed the seller and told them that she thought it was fake and if they didn't refund her then she would open a paypal dispute and leave bad feedback. They replied that they weren't going to use their eBay anymore so they didn't care about negative feedback, they also said that they had no money in their paypal account so even if she won the dispute she couldnt get a refund. is this true?
  2. Well, I suppose at least they're honest about their dishonesty! But seriously, I have been burned twice now by sellers emptying their Paypal accounts meaning that although I won both disputes no money followed. In each case, I received a message telling me Paypal would 'do all they could to recover the money' but I haven't seen a penny and don't believe I ever will. I suppose the exception might be if the Paypal payment came from a credit card - was that the case?
  3. She might be bluffing, but nevertheless keep her emails as evidence.

    Still file a claim with PP if you paid by credit card. After you do that, contact the CC company to file a chargeback. You should get all your money back that way.

    No matter what happens, do NOT mail the bag back to the seller unless eBay/PP tells you to do so. You might need it as evidence. Don't mail it back even if the seller says she'll give you a refund after she receives it.
  4. It depends on what was on the listing. If the sellers has more than a certain no of feedbacks, she should be paypal covered for up to $2000. If they are a new seller, then only up to $200.

    Once the dispute is running, she should escalate to a claim straight away, and then follow Paypal's instructions. If they tell her to return the bag, she should make sure it has tracking & signature confirmation.

    If all else fails, and she does the credit card chargeback, Paypal WILL go after the seller, including using debt recovery agents, for the full amount, as the Credit card company will take the money straight from paypal.

    Hope she gets all her $$$ back quickly
  5. If she paid with c/c she can file a charge back.