1. I have been looking around the internet at Birkins, I am attempting to learn more and how to spot the real deal. I get why some of these vendors sale the box,ribbon,rainkit, but why sale the receipts??:huh: :amazed: :shocked:
  2. To show that it's authentic?

    Not too sure though.....
  3. so would it be ok to assume if the seller has a receipt it is a authentic Birkin?
  4. Many buyers think having a receipt seals the deal as far as authenticity. There are fake receipts for H bags, and also LV bags everywhere.
    If a bag and seller look good, having the receipt indluded is nice because you can verify the credentials of the bag. It's also good for insurance purposes.

    But no receipt will ever make an obvious fake bag anything but! :smile:
  5. Never assume this. The fake dealers print fake receipts that look VERY close to the real deal.

    :sick: Their bags are still :censor: !!
  6. So true. Receipts sadly mean nothing to me.
  7. So people could give the receipt to the insurance broker?
  8. Just be careful even with receipts! Ditto all the above.
  9. I am looking on ebay there is a seller with an inventory of Hermes items
    from shoes, raps, keyrings, agenda diaries.

    I am amazed never looked on ebay before for Hermes items!
  10. Like with anything, there are good sellers, legit, and bad sellers looking to**** people!! Be careful and please post anything here to see if we can all help! The girls here have a bundle of knowledge! There are also booklets available to purchase to help you id fake bags...
  11. Well, if you want to buy online, just buy from those legit sellers which has been confirmed by the purse forum members here.

    All worries will be solved then.

    As simple as that.

    :yes: :yes:
  12. I've seen a case where this seller is offering a receipt for repair in the auction to bait bidders. The bag itself, well... FAKE! :mad:
    She has this sob story where when she purchase the bag, the lock/key was broken so she took it to Hermes to get it fixed. Hermes would never accept a bag if it's fake, right? So, she use this as her weapon to convince bidders that her bag is real. For all we know, it could be another bag that's been repaired, and not that the one in auction.

    I rarely buy a bag that comes with a receipt, but they have been fine.So, receipt is not the key, knowing the stuff is the key imo.
  13. If it hadn't been for the gals in this Forum I would NEVER have bought my Kelly on-line. Thanks to them, I feel very confident that I made the right decision and the bag I should be receiving next week will be the real deal. I agree with Rochasgirl that it would be best to check in here for a while to check authenticity of any Hermes item you are thinking of buying on-line. These gals are the best!!!
  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. Shoes: Nice avatar!!!