1. I really want to get a red patent bag and I see a large one on the Coach site. Is there a medium sized red patent bag? If so, do any of you have photos modeling it??

  2. Unfotunately, there's not. :nogood: I wish!!! :tdown:
  3. I REALLY wanted the mahogany patent tote but it is WAY too big for my needs!!!! Unfortunately there is not a medium size or it would be MINE!!!! LOLOL... too bad Coach doesnt see these posts!
  4. Darn. I really don't need one that is as big as the large...was really hoping they made a smaller one :crybaby:
  5. there's not..but, damn, that would be fantastic...
  6. Wow! Welcome back Kallison!! We've all missed you!!
  7. I also really wanted the Mahogany patent hobo!!! was too big for me too. I STILL hold her when ever I go into Coach. I was also disappointed they didn't have more patent choices/sizes to choose from. The patent leather is beautiful.
  8. I agree... if there would have been a medium it *might* have been mine! ;)
  9. i missed you all, too! :heart:
  10. I love the size personally, I am fairly petite (5', 115) but I think the way the bag smooshes down really makes it nice. Although, it definately would be a good idea, design wise to come out with smaller versions too! maybe it can be an upcoming thing.