1. Im taking a ride to the Atlantic City outlet. I was just wondering if anyone has been there recently and knows if its worth the trip out there..
  2. i've been there and it's a pretty good outlet (plus it's surrounded by other good outlets).

    definitely worth the trip. i was there July 4th and saw many of the ergos, watercolor, and patchwork bags.

    plus i saw a white patent leather ergo hobo and a chelsea hobo in mineral when i was there.

    i bet you'll find some good stuff!
  3. wow! Seriously?! A chelsea hobo in mineral already? I'm shocked! Luckily, I got mine with PCE so I still got a good deal on it. I may need to take a ride to AC one of these days!
  4. thank you soooo much your a big help
  5. also check in the outlets thread (in the shopping sub-forum) there is a ton of outlet info in there.